Web2.o Tools

Birthday Alarms - set a calendar with everyone's birthday and you will be sent reminders!
Diigo - group projects on one web page
Diigo introduction
Diigo - part 1
Tour how diigo works - part 2

Netvibes - lists of blogs, wikis, websites and news - with RSS feeds I read often

VoiceThread- create a series of images for others to add comments

Jing Project- make a short video to upload.

Jott & Gmail - a great combination. Call Jott and send yourself a voice message converted to email!

Mindomo - mindmapping -create and store 7 maps for free, more for a fee

MyopenID - a way to create a persona that can keep all of your demographic information. It collects information and emails it to you.

ProfCast - make a presentation that includes YOU in the screen

Slideshare - place to put your powerpoints or presentations to share with others

Stained Glass Collage - turn your own photos into a stained glass type collage.

Screencast-O-Matic - make a video of your screen for FREE.

TeacherTube - some educational videos appropriate for class

Tumblr - type of blog, twitter, running list of web, video etc. looks interesting - blog from Tumblr

Voki - create an avatar


Flickr - photosharing
Kodak Gallery - photosharing
Picasa - Photosharing

FotoFlexer - online photo manipulation program - like photoshop
Vuvox - upload some photos and music and have an instant slideshow or movie! Great effects